• Durable, easy to use and trendy, Beau Nuage umbrellas are the ultimate accessory and perfect companion.  

  • Ergonomic GEL handle
  • Stainless nickel rivets
  • Canopy 200 threads per count, with Teflon coating
  • Reinforced fiberglass and aluminium ribs
  • Steel and aluminium shaft
  • Manual opening 
  • Made in France

About Beau-Nuage umbrella

  • What is included when I buy an umbrella ?                                                           All umbrella purchases include an Beau Nuage umbrella and cover.
  • How does the Beau Nuage cover dry the umbrella? Do you need to dry the cover afterwards?                                                                                            The Beau Nuage cover maintains the umbrella dry by absorbing water drops thanks to a three-layered technology.The cover was conceived to dry quickly after multiples uses, however it is recommended to dry it after heavy rains.
  • Is it possible to wash the cover?                                                                         Yes, you may wash your Beau Nuage cover at 30°C (86°F) in delicate mode.
  • Is a Beau Nuage umbrella really robust?                                                         Beau Nuage umbrellas were made to resist to strong winds and water corrosion.The steel and aluminium shaft together with the reinforced fiberglass ribs and stainless nickel rivets ensure a strong resistance to rain.Besides, the Beau Nuage cover always keeps your umbrella dry and allows a good upkeep when traveling.
  • How does delivery work? Where do you deliver?

Delivery is completed by external delivery experts:

La Poste in Metropolitan France and DHL in the rest of the world.

See details per country on the delivery link above.


Type: umbrella    
Vendor: Beau-Nuage
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